We work with independent food service unit operators to help them unlock their full potential through a deep understanding of their numbers.

Our Approach

We base our approach on three aspects that interact with each other.


Train your people and give them knowledge and tools to become accountable.


Develop a proactive dynamic
adapted to your needs through
personal guidance.


Transform your business into a data-driven operation with the appropriate metrics and KPIs.


“From minute 1 I have felt accompanied and advised with criteria and efficiency in the development of my vegan restaurant business.
Business Owner, Barcelona
The Kitchen Management course allows you to see in breadth the needs of control and management to obtain a successful result. Frédéric has opened a door for me to work and improve. Also mention his way of communicating and accessibility that allows to connect with what he teaches, motivating learning.
Chef, Fonrubi
I worked on my numbers with Frédéric, particularly the budget issue, now I am less immersed in my operation and I work more on growing my business. I don't know why I haven't done it before!
Business Owner, Mexico
I got to work with Frederic whilst opening two large F&B Operations at Cyprus' new airports. His approach was a game changer in the set-up of KPIs for the whole company, making Unit Managers accountable for their decisions.
Operations Manager, Larnaca
Frederic has been a mentor to me. He showed me how to build daily reports, monthly P&Ls and how to make a budget. Something I didn't believe I would ever be able to do. This is real empowerment!
Unit Manager, Addis Ababa
I did not know the meaning of productivity until Frederic introduced me to the relevance of rostering and to the discipline of manhour management. His approach and enthusiasm made the all process a success.
Multi-Unit Manager, Malaga
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