Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not!

There will be no ‘’as it was before’’ whenever the Covid Pandemic ends.  This comes from 4 main reasons:

    1. The Global Digital Transformation
    2. The need to better control your business
    3. The evolution of customers’ needs and behaviours
    4. People’s new perception of work

Yes, there is no other choice, you must adapt and adapt NOW:

    1. You must get hold of your results through understanding your data, whether it be financial or not.
    2. You must raise your bottom line
    3. You must secure guest experience
    4. You must engage your people
    5. And most probably, you must find more time for yourself
  • Yes, if you:
    1. Need help defining and implementing the adhoc strategy for your business
    2. Want to gain knowledge
    3. Wish to receive constructive feedback
    4. Want to develop your capacity to work for your business instead of working in your business
  • Firstly, because we have an international experience with opening, developing and managing hundreds of brands and bespoke concepts.
  • Secondly, because we have implemented processes and standards in multiple and diverse situations with specific requirements and complexity.
  • Thirdly, because we have generated change, in multiple organisations through empowerment and accountability.
  • Fourthly, we are neither Finance nor Marketing people, we come from Operations
  • And last but not least, although systems are important, we focus on you and your people.                            Nothing will be achievable if it is not strongly embedded within your culture.

With your commitment, we will:

    1. Build a plan
    2. Bring our experience
    3. Start acting
    4. Stick with you along this journey

This process is not easy and requires the right attitude which can be summed up in one word:  COMMITMENT

Our business is simple, but simple is hard

If you are committed to embracing change and bringing your organisation to the next level, do not wait, book a free call with us and let’s create F&B success. 

We are fluent in English, Spanish and French. And we have a good understanding of Catalan. 

Yes, we will be mutually  bonded by a strict agreement of non disclosure.

Yes, our cloud-based services are kept secure through the use of state of the art systems for data storage and data transfer.

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