"You can’t play a symphony alone,
it takes an orchestra to play it"

Navjot Singh Sidhu
Verduras de temporada

5 points on good kitchen management

Creativity, speed, organisational skills and nerves – just to name a few – are some of the characteristics a cook needs to master in order to be a good kitchen chef. Estos aspectos están puestos a prueba en numerosos programas de cocina en...
How to handle a complaint

How to handle a customer complaint

I have dealt with customer complaints in the past. Recently was I who complained while working on opening a hotel.

The importance of measurability in the food & beverage business

Last week, we had the pleasure of participating in the Coffee Business Masters event organised by Kim Ossenblok in Barcelona. Kim is a barista, coffee consultant and holds the third place in the World Coffee Tasting Competition 2012. He organized this three-day event to share knowledge with ...
Finches delivery truck

5 points for a good supplier – restaurant partnership

Like most things in life, relationships are complex and even more when there is a conflict of interest. The more expensive the supplier sells, the tighter the margin of the restaurant will be and the lower the strength of your offer to face competition. So what can we do to obtain better ...
Pan con tomate


Bread is a basic element of the traditional European diet. It is made with cereal flour, salt and water. The mixture, in most cases, contains yeast to ferment the dough and give it a spongy texture. It is then baked.
Growing money

Restaurants: The good ones and the bad ones

I recently had the opportunity to dine in a restaurant, supposedly a quality restaurant. Tables with tablecloths, waiters with bow ties, exaggerated prices and staff which was more preoccupied by selling beverages than by delivering good service. This reinforced my opinion that there are only two types of ...
Multi-hombre, el súper héroe gastronómico

Multi-man, the F&B super hero

This is an insight into the different roles and skills that a restaurant manager needs to master in order to run a successful business. I started my week with an inspiring day as I attended #emarketgastro in Madrid , an event about innovation and marketing in F&B. It was ...
Comer solo en un restaurante

Ideas to maximise sales in your restaurant

Here are some simple ideas to take advantage of all the available opportunities in your restaurant and to target specific customers. High season in the restaurant business in Spain often finishes with the end of summer. Business slows down and customers don’t walk through the door as often. In ...
Mercado gastronómico

Local is trendy

The expression Think Global, Act local has been used in different contexts, such as politics, urban planning, environmental issues or business.
Breizh Cola - una marca de cola local

The strength of a local brand

How a cola brand in Brittany competes with the giant Coco-Cola using its local strength.